Eld. Bengie Blackwell               (270) 925-6326


Eld. Barry Miller                           666-4299

Eld. Richard (Rick) Wilson    Cell (615) 655-2545

Bro. Randy Swaffer                      666-2355

Bro. Tim Austin                            666-7936

Bro. Jack Hauskins                        666-9697

Bro. Jessie Holland

Bro. Jacob McClard

Bro. Jake Miller

Bro. T. J. Russell

Bro. Dewayne Shrum    Cell (615) 388-3269

Bro. Evan White              Cell (615) 655-4302


Danny Robinson, Superintendent      666-3550


Dave Thomas, Clerk                       (615) 666-2460 Home    (615) 655-2403 Cell

Clint Carter, Assistant Clerk         Cell (615) 633-7909


Danny Robinson, Treasurer   666-3550

Bro. Evan White, Assistant Treasurer    655-4302


Clint Carter              Cell (615) 633-7909

Perry Kirby              666-5868

Terry Marsh            666-2483

Jeff Morgan            688-4225

Randy Robinson       666-5694

Tim Rush                  666-4506

Don Rush                  666-2843

Bob Taylor                 688-4905

Ricky White         Cell (615) 633-7672


  1. God is good among us from Finland in Sweden with grace and the HOly Spirit and we believe win over all obstacles to get revival in Jesus name,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

  2. how is every body today im joe jones my Email is send me a line or two in my Email

  3. I’m trying to get some teeth pulled

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