Our Pastor

Elder Bengie Blackwell

I was raised in Bugtussle, KY by two wonderful parents, James and Lena Blackwell, and an amazing grandmother, Izel Hale, who everyone of all ages called Granny. They taught me from a young age to work hard and give an honest days work for an honest days wage. But more importantly they taught me about Jesus Christ. They took me to church where Mom played the piano and Dad sang. Granny taught me how to pray. I have two brothers, Barry who lives in Murfreesboro and Anthony who lives in Lafayette.

I was saved by grace as a young teenager. I graduated from Monroe County High School in 1995. It was there that I met my wife, Machelle. We were high school sweethearts. We were married September 5, 1998. She is still my sweetheart. She is the strongest person I know, and I would be lost without her. I thank God that he sent her to me.

I was called to preach when I was 20 years old outside Bugtussle store and preached my first sermon February 22, 1998. I was ordained October 30, 2004.

Through many trials, tribulations, sickness, and trouble, I have learned to trust the Lord. He is faithful. Granny loved to sew. Oftentimes I would watch her make pillowcases and quilts. While she was working on the front, all I could see was the back. It would look so bad and thread barren that I would think that there was no way it was going to be pretty. That is sometimes how we view our life. The Apostle Paul said we now see through a glass, darkly. When Granny was finished with her project and turned it around, it was stunning and beautiful. God is weaving a tapestry and we only see the back, and think to ourselves what a mess. But trust Him with your life. We only see the thread barren side, but He sees the front, the whole picture. And He is painting a beautiful picture. When we finally see what he sees, then we will understand why certain things happened in this life. God led my wife and I to Lafayette and I thank him for it every day. He has blessed us beyond measure and we look forward to serving Him here. God Bless.

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